Foundation „Viva Femina” was established on 12.10.2012 from the initiative of foundators: Joanna Wapinska-Bawol and Agata Karys. The Foundation is an independent initiative and it is not subordinate to any other organizations. The Foundation cooperates with many institutions and companies in Poland and Europe.

Our main aim is to act for the benefit of women, disabled and young people. We are implementing good practices in gender issues and promote equal opportunities of women and men in all areas of life.

We believe that thanks to our activities, Foundation „Viva Femina” will contribute to activisation of women and other groups on the labour market in Poland.

The aims of the Foundation are as follows:

  1. Dissemination of women’s issues and problems as well as feminism.
  2. Combating all forms of violence and discrimination against women and social exclusion, particularly on grounds of age, disability, social status and wealth, beliefs, race, nationality and sexual orientation.
  3. Counteracting unemployment of women and the promotion of employment and professional activity of women and equal opportunities for women and men in the labor market.
  4. Counteracting anti-social pathologies and in particular domestic violence, alcoholism and its effects, which directly or indirectly affect women.
  5. The search for new ways of dealing with the "otherness".
  6. Education, in particular in the field of women's rights as human rights, prevention of violence and discrimination based on gender, equality between women and men.
  7. Spreading awareness in society about the possibility and the necessity of continuing to deepen their knowledge and skills.
  8. Supporting the participation of women in public life and culture.
  9. Supporting the development of artistic and creative actions women.
  10. Measures for the protection of health and the promotion of a healthy lifestyle.
  11. Stimulating social initiatives and to promote the idea of environmental protection.
  12. Initiating and supporting programs to protect the environment, nature and cultural heritage.
  13. Education, training, organizational consulting, coaching, counseling.

The Foundation is realizing its aims thru the following activities:

  1. Supporting and organization of various forms of promoting the equality of women and men.
  2. Organization of conferences, seminars, workshops, training sessions, exhibitions and working with the media to raise awareness of women and the whole society on women's rights, equal rights for men and women, combating social exclusion and violence and discrimination based on sex.
  3. To gather persons and institutions who will support the Foundation activities.
  4. To provide training in the field of psychology, personal development, coaching, counseling, arts, training in verbal and nonverbal communication.
  5. Promotion of new technological achievements of women and women's organizations.
  6. Conducting surveys on the situation of women in chosen fields.
  7. Publishing activities associated with the statutory objectives of the Foundation, consisting of issuing pamphlets, books, posters, flyers, postcards and their dissemination.
  8. Raising funds for the implementation of programs.
  9. Training of volunteers in cooperation with women's organizations and ecological institutions.
  10. Initiating other activities for the purposes of the Foundation.